the wine

The Simple Life Rosé is distinct and intentionally made in an understated style. Skin contact was minimized to promote fruit forward aromas, bright flavors, and a stunning pale, rose color. Minimizing grape skin contact also helps build a wine with soft tannins that lets the acidity and minerality shine through.

The 2021 Simple Life Rosé’s attractive blush hue is hard to ignore. Aromas of ripe, fresh strawberries, red cherries, and a bouquet of roses invite you to take your first sip. On the palate, the strawberries are joined by watermelon notes, citrus undertones, and white jasmine tea to create a light- to medium-bodied mouthfeel. The crisp acidity is complemented by the beautiful minerality that will keep you wanting more. This food-friendly wine pairs well with a wide array of dishes and can be enjoyed on its own. Personally, we’re reaching for our charcuterie board filled with our favorite meats, cheeses, and some marinated olives.

simple pairings

Fresh Strawberries

Mild, summery cheeses
like goat or burratta

Pita bread & Hummus

Petite Sirah
Petit Verdot



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