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Growing up in small town California means being able to enjoy the Simple Life. We walk downtown and shop at family-owned grocery stores, we cook with fresh vegetables and meat from local farms, and we drink wine made by our family and friends who have lived here for generations.

Simple Life Chardonnay
Simple Life Chardonnay


The bouquet of our 2012 Simple Life Chardonnay is rich and floral with layers of apricot, gala apple and peach enhanced by notes of cinnamon. A wonderful balance between crisp and fruit-forward flavors of pear and lemon merengue dusted with powdered sugar intermingle on the palate. Medium-bodied in structure, the wine has bright acidity and airiness that makes it a crowd pleaser.

Try pairing this wine with an appetizer of oysters, grilled shrimp scampi for heavier fare or a chicken pot pie during the colder months.

Simple Life Wine
Simple Life Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

This wine opens with rich, earthy aromas of cherry, wild strawberry, and forest floor. The flavors—an appealing blend of strawberry rhubarb and red raspberries—are bright and fruit-forward, finishing with lingering notes of clove and cranberry. Moderately structured, the wine's tannins and acidity are finely balanced to create a vibrant, juicy mouthfeel.

Highly versatile, this wine may be served with anything from barbeque chicken wings and baked beans to stuffed mushrooms.

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